Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday 7th April, 2007

Today I made it to Beyond Monopoly! Despite it being a very sunny day, and it being the AGM, quite a few people had turned up.

First up I played Trans Europa with Richard and Michael. I had not played this before, although it is onmy wishlist. It is a simple game in which you construct a rail network based on a hand of location cards. You can join onto other players' networks if they get you nearer where you need to be. We played this once, although it took 2 rounds due to the mechanism whereby you work out how many links you were short of completing your network and count down to 0. I won both rounds due to some good fortune in drawing cards for easy to get to places! A good game which will remain on my wishlist.

Next up was Vabanque - a casino game I had not heard of before. It is a game of gambling and bluffing. A the end I was the clear winner with 490 points, to Michael's 250 and Richard's 170. I expect this game would be more fun, and more random, with more players. As it was I quite quickly worked out my opponents tells when they were bluffing and I managed to set up a pattern so that there was no way I could lose on the final hand. I would happily play this again, although I'm not sure it will go on my wishlist.

Richard, Michael and I were then joined by Ian, Hugo and Anna to play Citadels. I've wanted to play this for ages and was glad to get the chance. In the end Hugo won with 26 points, Richard was second with 24. Michael and I drew for third with 19, Ian was next with 18 and Anna brought up the rear with 13. I enjoyed this game, although it is really a glorified card game! I think it would be more fun amongst a group of friends; there was a fair amount of downtime as people chose their characters. As we didn't know each other there was very little banter. Still, this one shall remain on the wishlist.

The six of us then embarked on Fist of Dragonstones; another game I'd never heard of. Not too sure about this one; another glorified card game. I came second with 2 points, outmanouvered at the end by Michael who outbid me for the third point. I liked the mechanics of the game but the theme was a bit daft. I would play it again though. IU suspect it would be more fun with less than 6.

All in all a good way to spend some time over the Bank Holiday weekend. Members can now borrow games from Beyond Monopoly, so I'm going to discuss loaning Trans Europa with Lisa!


Bay said...

A plethora of Bruno Faidutti games! Coincidence?

Social Work Dad said...

Well, although Diamant is one of my fasvourites, it was a complete accident. Richard brought Vabanque, Ian brought Dragonstones and I requested Citadels from the club's's funny how it works out sometimes!