Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday 21st May, 2007

Whilst our daughters played in the garden, Jason and I had a go at several Pitch Car tracks. Jason won the first 3 races in a row; I got stuck repeatedly on a jump during the first game, and stuck in a tunnel on the second - the third - I kept coming off the track! However, I made up for it (a little!) during the fourth race in which I lapped Jason to take victory!

That evening was Games Night! Spencer, Greg and I started with a game of Trans Europa (borrowed from BM!). After explaining the rules I took the first game. Spencer finished second on 3 and Greg lost. Lisa then joined us for a go. Unfortunately she lost and this time Greg won on 5 to Spencers 3 and my 1.

I then persuaded everyone to have a go at Die Mauer. Lisa bluffed superbly to secure her victory, ending the game with only 2 points worth of buildings left in her supply. Spencer did well ending with only 13 points. With my gate and tower I faired less well, ending with 27 points. Greg, who really does not like this sort of game, finished with a grand total of 32 points. Oh dear!

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