Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday 11th December, 2006

Monday night is Games Night! Jack, Greg, Andy and I began the evening with a quick game of Guillotine. Andy got off to a roaring start on the first day and could not be caught. Final scores: Andy 24, Jack 19, Greg 18, Paul 14. We like this game; it is quick, fun and simple.

Vin then arrived and joined us in a game of Puerto Rico (Lisa was tempted to join in but decided to do the work she had brought home instead). This felt like a quick game and the final scores were fairly close: Greg 35, Paul & Jack 30, Vin 25 and Andy 23. Of note..... Vin ABANDONED his coffee-buying approach!

We rounded off the evening with a quick game of Diamant. Lisa joined us for this and much hilarity ensued. Fianl scores: Vin 28 (most of which he acquired in the first mine), Lisa 14, Paul 11 (he had no precious stones until the fourth mine), Jack 9, Greg 8 and Andy 5.

Also of note....Andy won a game...he assured us this is a rare event and so is worthy of note.

Sadly, this was our last Monday night until 2007 due to the forthcoming festivities etc. Merry Christmas everyone!

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