Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday 16th December 2006

Following our normal habits, whilst Eleanor napped, Lisa and I played two games of Carcassonne - The Castle. We felt a little guilty as there was loads of christmas-related stuff we ought to do but, hey, it is the season to be jolly!

The first game was very close and neither of us knew who had won until the final scoring. In the end Paul snatched victory with 90 points to Lisa's 83. Lisa was a little annoyed as she had missed an opportunity to score about 8 points earlier in the game....

She made up for her error in the second game by managing to place 8 markets and 'own' them with only one meeple! She then got a token to score 4 points per stall in one market field. This netted her 32 points and significantly assisted in her 108 to 76 points win! She also tried a new tactic; she would finsish of my buildings and roads which scored me points but stopped them getting very big and thus scoring more. This worked particularly well as I had a score an unfinished building token and score an unfinished road token neither of which I could use.

Sometimes I feel myself starting to sulk.

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