Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday 23rd October 2006

Monday night is games night...after a considerable break due to my hospital stay etc. I was joined by Andy, Greg, Spence and Vin who kindly agreed to play simpler games as my brain is not functioning properly yet.

First up was Guillotine, which is becoming something of a favourite 'fast' game. Despite not really remembering how to play very clearly I managed to win! Poor Vin may have done better if anyone had remembered to tell him that the game takes place over only 3 days! Final scores:

Paul - 18
Andy - 17
Vin - 14
Spence - 13
Greg - 11

Next up was Finster Flure (Fearsome Floors)... a dungeon-based game in which you have to move your team of counters out of the dungeon whilst avoiding being eaten by a monster; in this case a tuxedo wearing giant eyeball! Part of the fun is in positioning your pieces to lure the monster towards other players' pieces. It turned out to be harder than it sounded. Spencer won convincingly and I was pleased to see that I was not the only person who failed to think tactically (although I have a good excuse!).

We decided to round off the evening with Diamant. My lack of tactical ability made me play rather more recklessly than I think I would normally do. However, this time it paid off as I won. Final scores:

Paul - 37
Andy - 33
Vin - 30
Greg - 25
Spence - 21

A fun evening was had by all, except Greg who bemoaned not winning!

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