Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thursday 26th October 2006

In the 'quiet time' between Ellie going to bed and anything decent coming on the telly, Lisa and I decided to try Hey That's My Fish. I had played this before at Beyond Monopoly and enjoyed it enough to buy a copy. Upon unpacking it I was once again struck by what a stupidly big box it is for so few components. The wooden penguins are cool though!

The aim of the game is to traverse hexagonal ice floes with your flock of penguins and collect the most fish. It is surprisingly tactical as you can trap penguins and the ice floes have differing numbers of fish upon them (1,2 or 3).

Sadly my brain failed me and despite almost drawing the first game, Lisa won the second competently after she had got used to the game's mechanics. We both enjoyed it though and were impressed with how complex such a simple-seeming game can be..... we look forward to teaching it to Ellie!

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Jack said...

I love Hey! That's My Fish! Deceptively simple, and yet it provides plenty of great strategy. I'm tempted to get it myself.