Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monday 14th May, 2007

Monday night is Games Night! But before Greg and Spence turned up Lisa and I had time for 2 games of It's Alive! Lisa won the first one 59 to 55 even though it was me who shouted "it's alive!" (I love doing that). I redeemed myself somewhat by winning the second game 48 to 46 and utterring my favourite phrase.... We tried our idea of being able to purchase cards from players' cemeteries with more than one card. It only made a little bit of difference. I think you tend to buy more spare parts in the 2-player game anyway as you have more of an idea what your opponent still needs. I don't think our variant would work with more than 2.

When the others did arrive we all decided trhat we fancied several short games for a change. We started with Trans Europa. Spence won the first game and Greg lost it with Lisa and I drawing in the middle! It had been a close game though. We decided to play again and Greg won this time. Lisa was second, I was third and Spencce was last; a reversal from the previous game!

We then played 2 games of Hey! That's My Fish! -a game we all enjoy but don't play that often. Lisa easily won the first game with 30 floes. I was second with 26 floes, Greg next with 22 and Spencer, whose penguins got a bit stranded, managed 19 floes. Spencer clearly learnt some valuable lessons as he romped to victory in the second game with 33 floes. Lisa did well coming second with 25, whilst Greg and I both managed only 21 floes (I won as I had more individual floes!).

After all that penguin madness we decided to round off the evening with a game of Guillotine. I won this with 22 points. Greg was second with 21, Lisa third with 18 and Spencer last with 17. I paid careful attention to everyone's scores as I had several cards which allowed me to end the game. I chose my moment carefully when I had jsut snatched victory from Greg.... a great evening.

When Spence and Greg left Lisa and I had a quick hand of canasta before retiring to bed. I won this hand scoring 1205 points to Lisa's 640 (I had lots of wild cards!). I currently lead this game 1840 points to 1770 (4 games each!).

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Philip said...

I just traded Jack a copy of my new game Revolution for a copy of his It's Alive. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to play yet.

BTW - Would it be possible for you to add a link to my game design blog?