Friday, June 22, 2007

Wednesday 9th May, 2007

I trekked into town to join in the playtesting for Jack's next publication, It's Alive! I've played this a couple of times in prototype form and greatly enjoyed it. This was a chance to see the finished artwork and play it with people who had not played before.

The artwork is superb; it matches the theme perfectly. I played two 5-player games and a 3-player. I won the first 5 player and shouted "it's alive!" - which is always fun! I also won the second game, by 2 points (!) although I didn't get to do any shouting that time. In both these games I didn't draw a single Villager's Uprising!

However, I drew 2 of them in the final game and lost, by a point from second place. I think I enjoyed it more with 5 than 3 players - although that may have been something to do with the group dynamics rather than the game. I remain convinced that the game will definately be a hit.

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