Friday, June 22, 2007

Saturday 12th May, 2007

In the evening Lisa and I played a few games of It's Alive!, which Jack had been kind enough to lend me one of the prototypes of. The 2-player game is surprisingly harder than with any other number we think. It's a much more careful and considered game as you can easily mess up and give your opponent a great advantage.

I won the first game 49 to 39, helped by 2 coffins! The second game was much closer, with Lisa sneaking ahead 51 to 49 (Ihad no coins left!). Lisa destroyed me in the final game 44 to 33. I failed to notice just how much money she was accruing which enabled her to buy 2 coffins and all the best quality body parts. She played really well.

We think we might try a slight variation whereby in the 2-player game you can use more than one card to bring the top card from someone's cemetery into play..... we'll see if it makes any difference!

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