Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Friday 8th September 2006

Mal came over and he played Diamant with Lisa and I. He quickly got to grips with the rules and appeared to enjoy himself. He even won the second game!

Game One:
Paul - 59
Lisa - 48
Mal - 42

Game Two:
Mal - 38
Paul - 34
Lisa - 7

Game Two seems low scoring but Mine 3 collapsed before we found any precious stones! Lisa didn't fair too well...she stayed in a little too long three times.

Mal and I then spent until midnight playing Pitchcars. Mal really enjoyed this. We decided to take some photos of two of the three tracks we played on (see above).

We decided taht we will have a lifelong championship goping...Mal has gone into an early, although assailable lead with 5 wins to my 4.

Mal did far and away the most impressive manouevres, including managing to clear the double jump in one flick...twice! His victory was well deserved.


Custancia said...

Did you really need to say "seven?" and stare into my cart when I declared my really really low score?!
Still I'll play with you both again...

Jack said...

I'm looking forward to a chance to play Pitch Car - it looked like great fun that time you played it on the table next to me at BM:Y.