Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday 17th September

Once again whilst Eleanor enjoyed a nap Lisa and I decided to have a go at Carcassonne - The Princess and the Dragon. We decided to play 'Speed Carcassonne' (ie no farmers!). We enjoyed this expansion but did not feel we saw its full potential with only two players.

The dragon was fairly powerless as we took it in turns to move it; this wouldn't happen with more than two players. (Despite this I did manage to manouvre the fairy a few times so that Lisa was forced to 'eat' her own meeples whilst moving the dragon...very satisfying!).

We both liked the wormhole tiles and the Princess tiles. In the two player game they added quite an advantage. I managed to score a large city which Lisa had previously been booted out of by the Princess. Lisa did manage to complete a huge city though!

The fairy was an....interesting addition. We struggled to remember the bonus point for still having the fairy at the start of your turn and we only scored a bonus three points for having her on a completed feature once.

I really liked the dragon meeple but was less sure about the fairy meeple. The tiles were lovely, although the road under the city seems a little pointless. I really liked the monastery (grrrr..cloister) in the city though. I look forward to trying it again with more players.

Final Scores:
Lisa 149
Paul 157

We wondered if we were missing something with the volcano tiles. After the first one has been placed and the dragon arrives what do the others do? We placed them but you cannot meeple them...but you do get control of the fairy....we wondered if the dragon should move to the new volcano?

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