Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sunday 10th September 2006

Taking advantage of yet another of Eleanor's afternoon naps, Lisa and I decided to play Carcassonne The Castle, a game we first played...only last Sunday. This time we remembered to display any of the little cards we collected. THis did make it a more open experience...

1st game:
Lisa won by 103 points to 71. Lisa completed a massive tower shortly after collecting the card which gave double points for finishing a tower! Good timing. I played poorly and failed to complete much...apart from a moderately lengthy road which I then scored and picked up the card allowing me to score for an unfinished road. Therefore it could have been even longer!

2nd game:
Paul won by 101 points to 99. This was a much better game with a nail-biting finish. We were neck and neck all the way through. I snuck ahead only by breaking up the large void for which Lisa received points at the end of the game (I admit I almost diodn't notice that the final tile could do that!).

Again we thoroughly enjoyed The Castle. My only gripes are that:
1) Some of the cards allow for potentially such high scoring buildings that they unbalance the game (although I'm just bitter).
2) The rules describe 'fountains' by roads, yet the illuistrations are clearly 'wells'. This annoys me! Is it a poor translation like 'cloister' instead of 'monastery in the original Carcassonne? (Okay, okay I know that 'cloister' is an archaic word for 'monastery' but, in 'not in current usage....or for about 200 years!).

I think this may be close to being the perfect 2-player game! I can't wait to play it again.

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