Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monday 11th September 2006

Monday night is games night! We were a little depleted in numbers...Greg was away somewhere doing something work-related and Jack was busily constructing sets of Border Reivers. However, Andy, Spence and Vin did trek out to the wilds of Osbaldwick!

Lisa joined us for a quick game of Guillotine before disappearing to sort out her budgetary overspend. As always it was fun, if a bit silly. Vin arrived a third of the way through..and looked thoroughly bemused!

The final scores were:
Andy 17
Spence 23
Lisa 26
Paul 29
I made timely use of The Scarlet Pimpernel card to end the game when I had just taken the lead.

Lisa then disappeared to the realm of numbers and accountancy whilst the rest of us indulged in a game of Flanders 1302...or whatever it's called. I had played this once at Beyond Monopoly and so thought I may have something of an advantage as the other guys had not even heard of it. How wrong I was! I'm not sure where I went wrong....but I did! On reflection I think I spread myself too thinly across too many cities. We did not use the neutral pieces or church pieces to hamper each others scoring as much as I had anticipated. I was braced waiting for this to happen...but it didn't! I admit I played badly but I still think this is a fine game... a pity it has been discontinued. The pieces are beautiful and the mechanics are satisfying. My only question is ...why 1302?

The final scores were....
Neutral - 2
Paul - 32
Andy - 38
Vin - 42
Spence - 49.

All in all a fun evening.

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Jack said...

I'm sorry I missed it. I'll be there next time.