Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saturday 9th September 2006

Whilst Eleanor enjoyed a lengthy afternoon nap Lisa and I decided to enjoy a few hands of Canasta. I use the word 'enjoy' somewhat reluctantly as Lisa well and truly wiped the floor with me! I must concede that she is the far better player of the two of us. She does seem to have an almost magnetic attraction for red 3's (worth 100 points each). I think she averrages 2-3 per hand! Scores were as follows:

Ist Hand:
Lisa scored 1555 (a huge score, helped by three red 3's!), bringing her total to 4570
Paul scored 775, bringing his total to 4670 (I was still ahead at this point!)

2nd Hand:
Lisa scored 1170, bringing her total to 5740
Paul scored a lowly 400, bringing his total to 5070 (the tide turns...)

3rd Hand:
Lisa scored 1125, bringing her total to 6865
Paul scored 905, bringing his total to 5975 (I actually played better than the score indicates!)

4th Hand:
Lisa scored 1275, bringing her total to 8140 (overkill I thought seeing as we only play to 7500!)
Paul scored 1010, bringing his total to a pitiful 6985 (although I thought I played this hand really well!).

Lisa now leads 3 games

Any tips anyone?

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