Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday 15th January 2007

Monday night is games night! I was joined by Greg, Andy (who made it last week), Spencer (freed from fatherhood for the evening) and Jack (all sorted after the festivities).

To start with Lisa joined us in a quick game of Diamant, joining which Spencer arrived and laughed at our misfortune (or ineptitude, I'm not sure which). Despite getting off to a good start Lisa could only manage third place with 13 jewels, behind Jack's 19 and Andy's 17. We'll quickly gloss over the fact that Greg and I scored nothing..... One of the mines yielded no jewels at all before collapsing.

Lisa then retired to the study to do some work. The gang then had a go at Jack's prototytpe 'Codename: Monster' (although we quite liked referring to it as "It's Alive!" - possibly with more exclamation marks!). As this game is in the early stages of production I won't go into too much detail. Each player is a graverobber attempting to construct an entire body from parts. There is also molney which can be used to purchase body parts. The mechanics of the game worked well and it was great fun. We all made suggestions for the final artwork etc and all the feedback was positive.... apart from how annoying the Village Uprisings can be (I suppose they are unless you're selling pitchforks and flaming torches).

Not too surprisingly Jack won both games! Final scores were:
Game one: Jack, 54, Paul 48, Greg 40, Spencer and Andy 25.
Game two: Jack 61, Spencer 44, Paul and Andy 41 and Greg 37.

A promising game for the future.

We then moved on to Falling; a card game I had picked up at Steer's recent mad giveaway. What can I say.... this game was utter chaos...on a biblical scale! I don't even know how to describe it! One player is the dealer, the others are falling to the ground and fighting. The aim is to be the last one to hit the ground. You play cards to delay your own fall and speed up that of your opponents. It is frenetic, mad and rapid.

We had six goes at this in very little time.

Game one: Spencer dealt. Andy hit the ground first (ie lost!) followed by Paul, Jack and Greg.
Game two: Spencer dealt. Paul hit the ground first, followed by Jack, Andy and Greg.
Game three: Greg dealt. Spencer hit the ground first, followed by Andy, Paul and Jack.
Game four: Jack dealt. Andy hit the ground first, followed by Paul, Spencer and Greg.
Game five: Greg dealt. Paul hit the ground first, followed by Spencer, Jack and Andy.
Game six: Andy dealt. Greg hit the ground first, followed by Paul, Jack and Spencer.

Mad game but great fun.

And that was it. Sadly, this was Andy's last Monday nigth as he is moving with his family ot the wilds of Lincolnshire. He will be greatly missed and is always welcome on a Monday (lisa and I have offered him use of the guest room).

After everyone had left, I suggested that Lisa and I play Cribbage, curled up in front of the fire eating liqeur chocolates (I knew she would find this hard to refuse!). Sadly, she agreed and whooped me royally. She got two very high scoring crib hands which helped her immensely. I realised she is better at discarding than I am...yet. Maybe next time...

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