Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday 24th December 2006

Once we were firmly ensconced at the in-laws, Eleanor was tucked up in bed, presents were neatly arranged around the tree and everyone was watching 'Coronation Street', Lisa and I (not soap fans!) had a game of Carcassonne - The Castle.

The game went really quickly - maybe because we felt a little selfish not joining in with the rest of the family. We arranged the board diagonally to see if this would alter our habit of both starting at the same points on the board.... it did! We both played aggressively to score quick points and hamper each others building efforts. Lisa faired much better, due to securing quite a lot of markets, managing to finish a huge house and thus scoring extra points at the end. She had also managed to accrue the most tokens by scoring small amounts and landing on the corners ahead of me to collect them. An easy victory for Lisa with 97 points to Paul's 67.

In my defence I would like it to be known that I was somwhere beyond 'tipsy' at this stage of the evening and my critical thinking skills were non-existant!

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