Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday 13th January 2007

Lisa, Eleanor and I played Ellies' Shopping List game, which she received as a Christmas present. It is fun, quick and simple. It is beautifully produced to Orchard Toys' usual high standard.

Ellie was the first to obtain all eight items in her shopping trolley. Lisa and I had managed to find only 6 items each. Beaten by a 2 year old....

A little later the three of us turned our attention to 'Two by Two'; a Noah's Ark game in which you have to remember where animals are and match them up before placing them in a cardboard boat. Ellie loves it and she is now quite good at remembering where tiles are. This may explain how she won, whilst Lisa and I still had 2 animals each left to match.

Ellie wanted to play again after her storming victory and, being indulgent parents, we.... indulged her! This time Paul won. Ellie was the first to match all her animals but failed to find a raincloud which is needed to make the Ark sail away. Lisa was again left with 2 animals.

Eleanor retired to bed a bit later and Paul and Lisa had another go at Cribbage. Paul demonstrated that he has got the hang of this by winning 2 games. Life is sweet....

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