Saturday, January 13, 2007

Monday 1st January 2007

Happy New Year!

After a lovely evening with Lisa S, Richard and Emma to see in the New Year, Lisa, Ellie and I returned home. After her late night Ellie retired for an afternoon nap. Lisa and I decided to celebrate the start of 2007 .... by playing Carcassonne - The Castle.

Paul won the first game 107 points to Lisa's 98. It had been a close game. Paul had managed to fisnish a large tower just after collecting a token which allowed him to score double for this. This was mitigated by Lisa having a 'score an unfinshed road' token as well as a very long, branching road.

Paul also won the second game 99 points to Lisa's 70. Paul managed to score for most of the markets (something Lisa normally manages!) and finished a large tower with his last tile without which he would have lost. Lisa was suitably miffed!

Of note: this was the first time we drew an unplaceable tile (market stall between two curving bits of road). The rules say that the unplaceable tile is discarded and will play no further part in the game. We were both a little disappointed as the market is worth 3 points. Oh well.....

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