Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monday 5th February 2007

Monday night is Games Night! I was joined by Vin and Greg this week; three being a cosy number! We decided to get our teeth stuck in to Caylus. Greg and I had played it before once, although I could hardly remember it and Greg was a bit hazy. Vin was simply curious as he had heard that it is supossedly a very good game.

It was! We went slowly having a thorough read of the rules. Once we understood the theme - placing workers to build either a town or a castle and receiving points for doing so - it made sense. I had a couple of disastrous moves at the start of the game when I didn't understand the rules as well as I did later on, and it took me most of the game to recover from this. Greg did very well and built lots, earning many point for constructing prestige buildings; this was a trend Vin attempted to follow although he also put alot of effort into castle building. Greg also made good use of the goldmine and the merchant-thingy which got him 3 denier each go!

In the end Greg's lead was unassailable and he won with 98 points. Despite early failings I managed to rally to come second with 80 points, sneaking ahead of Vin at the last minute with 76 points.

This is a very good game and one I look forward to playing again.

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