Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday 19th February 2007

Monday night is Games Night! Sadly, only Greg made it this week. However, I took this opportunity to introduce him to one of my favourite games, Carcassonne - The Castle. This is designed as a 2-player game so it seemed appropriate. Greg really enjoyed this once he got his head around how to position pieces. He agreed that it seems to be a fairly simple game but it is actually quite complex.

I pulled ahead in the scoring at one point. However, Greg got the token to score an unfinished road and he therefore constructed a very long road during the game. This really helped him catch up. I did manage to get most of the tokens that we passed and the biggest keep. But it ended with the scores closer than we thought they were going to be; Me 102, Greg 89.

Lisa then joined us for a three-player game of Caylus. This was a really good game; the leader kept changing and we were all within a few points of each other until the last round. In the last round Greg managed to build the only prestige building, the cathedral, which gave him 25 points. This gave him an unasailable lead.

Lisa did really well as she had not played this before. She got the hang of it quite quickly and played quite aggressively at times by moving the provost to scupper other player's building efforts (a good tactic!). Greg focussed on building whilst I concentrated more on dominating the castle building; both strategies seem valid! However, Greg did win with 102 points, I had 99, and Lisa had 77. Lisa lost out at the end as she had no gold which turns into lots of victory points. We all really enjoyed this and agreed that it works well with three players.

So, despite the compact nature of our gaming group, we still had a lovely evening.

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