Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday 18th February 2007

Whilst Eleanor had an afternoon nap, Lisa and I enjoyed a quick game of Carcassonne The Castle. This looked to be a fairly close game. Lisa finished a huge tower, whilst I scored heavily for an unfinished road (with token) and had the largest keep. However, I also managed to obtain the most markets which helped me to my 109 points to 75 victory. Lisa played well but was frustrated that I managed to get to the corners on the scoreboard (and therefore the handy tokens!) before she did.

In the evening we played several hands of canasta. Lisa currently leads 3 games to 1. In this game I was winning 3960 points to Lisa's 2760. In the first hand Lisa profited hugely from the high melding threshold my score put me at. She got several canastas, including a natural one (worth 500 points) and scored 1570, bringing her total to 4330. I managed only 485 points (total: 4445).

Lisa played exceedingly well in the next hand and destroyed me, going out before I had done anything really. I managed 230 points whilst Lisa scored 1035. This put Lisa in the lead; 5365 to 4675.

With the help of many wild cards I managed to go out fairly quickly during the next hand to limit Lisa's scoring potential. I scored 1175 to Lisa's 595.

The next hand commenced with the scores very close: Lisa just ahead with 5960 to my 5850. I managed the next hand really well and managd to go out concealed for 895 really quickly. This stung Lisa who scored only 20!

This put me in the lead - 6745 to 5980. In the final hand I went out although Lisa scored the most points. Lisa scored 1290 bringing her total to 7270 - 230 shy of victory. I got exactly 1000 points making my total 7745; over the 7500 required. This means that Lisa now leads 3 games to 2.

We started the next game, which was disastrous for me, as Lisa went out really quickly scoring 1165 and leaving me with -415!!! Oh well. Fun none the less.

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