Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday 15th February 2007

Once Lisa and I had the evening to ourselves we decided to have a couple of quick games; something we've not managed to do for awhile. First up was Carcassonne - The Castle. This is still one of our favourite games.

Lisa took an early lead and managed to sneak around most of the corners and collect the rather useful tokens. Paul rallied a little but was unable to compete really. Still, the final scores were closer than we expected. Lisa won with 101 points to Paul's 92. Lisa managed to secure the largest keep, which gave her 8 points.

It was fun to play this after quite a break.

Next up was a hand of Canasta, which we haven't played since November! We had a warm up hand to re-acquaint us with the game. Lisa was massacred!

This was repeated in the game proper. Carrying on our previous match, Paul scored 950 points, bringing his total to 3960. Lisa scored 80, bringing her total to 2760. I now need 12o points to meld in the next hand though....

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