Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday 23rd January 2007

Lisa and I have borrowed Uno Extreme (interestingly known as 'Uno Attack' in the US). We didn't think it would play very well with just two, but we gave it a go. The rules say that the loser is the first to 500. In the first hand Lisa scored 1. We realised at that point that we may need to scale down the scoring! In the second hand Paul scored 2, effectively confirming our suspicions! Lisa then scored 20, bringing her total to 21. We decided to play to only 200. Paul eventually won scoring 66 to Lisa's 240. The game lasted for 8 hands.

We actually quite enjoyed this. We struggled to remember the powers of the special cards so there was a fair bit of rules checking. The battery-powered card dispenser was good fun; although I seemed to be dealt 4+ cards with depressing regularity. Of course, having more cards can be an advantage....

We strongly felt that this game would be great fun in a crowd with alcohol being involved. It did not work so well with just 2 though, as we suspected.

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