Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday 23rd April 2007

Before everyone descended to play games, Lisa and I squeezed in 3 hands of canasta. Lisa won the first with 1640 points to my 1120, bringing her total to 6915 and mine to 5230. Victory was clearly in her sites and she managed it on the next hand, managing 1035 points to my 1510. Final scores - Lisa 7950, me 6740. We are now drawing 4 games each. We played the first hand of a new game and Lisa won this one to with 1130 to my 635. Oh dear.

The hordes did not descend, only Greg. He brought Fire and Axe with him, so the three of us played this. I lost hideously due to abysmal (no, really, really bad... honest) dice rolls. Greg won easily and Lisa acquitted herself well. I still think this is a great game, although a little harder with 3 players I thought.

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