Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday 9th April, 2007

Monday night is games night! Lisa and I were joined by Jack, Lou, Greg, Vin and Spencer. We decided to have a go at Pitch Car first. I haven't played this for quite some time so it was fun to get it out again, especially as we used the Expansion Pack to include some chicanes and a troublesome bridge.

Jack demonstrated a really impressive flicking technique which powered him to an easy victory. I came next about a quarter lap behind. Greg and Vin had an epic struggle for third place which Greg finally won. Lisa was next soem distance ahead of Lou. Spencer brought up the rear after having a disastroud time getting through the tunnel early on.

We then shrank the table and put the chairs back for a six-player game of Carcassonne including the Princess & the Dragon expansion. This was good fun. The dragon was brutal burning all in it's path. As a result farmers didn't appear (and stay) until near the end of the game. people focussed much more on completing small features as they didn't want their meeples to be on the dragon's flight path!

In the end Greg won with 86 points and one of the few farmers in the game. Vin was second with 64 and I was third witrh 62. Spencer managed 44 (and had a farmer!) whilst Lou scored 43. Jack was last with 24. He had faired badly at the teeth of the dragon but still..... quite a low score!

We liked this expansion. Lisa and I had been less impressed with it in the 2-player game. Here it was fun and meant that everyone had to change their normal playing style (although Greg's farmer did win him the game in the end as there were lots of little cities). The princess was used nastily a couple of times and the competition to obtain the fairy was often quite heated! This made Carcassonne feel much more adversarial, which was fun for a change.

A lovely evening of fun and frolics!

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