Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday 30th April, 2007

Before Monday night is games night, Lisa and I played the deciding game of Carcassonne the Castle. Lisa wiped the floor with me - 104 to 75. She managed to pick up all of the tokens until the 56/57 corner on the score track(!) and was able to use them to great effect. How humiliating!

Greg and Spencer then arrived and the four of us had a quick game of Guillotine. Spencer played this really well, ending the game when he was clearly in the lead. He amassed 17 heads, Lisa 12 and Greg and I both ahd 11.

We then brought out Fire and Axe for the third Monday running! Spencer won with 166 (and the Bloodiest Axe!) Lisa did well scoring 155 and Greg and I were Shield Brothers with 141. Settling accounted for most of my points! A fun evening once again.

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