Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday 25th April, 2007

As he had a week off from work Greg came over this afternoon and brought Memoir '44 with him. This is another game that I have heard lots about but have not played so I was quite keen to give it a go. The box and all the components are lovely. The rule book is really clear and simple to follow. We played the first 5 scenarios in order, randomising who played Axis or Allies each game.

I won the first game, Pegasus Bridge, as the Allies. I obtained 4 medals to Greg's 3. It was a hard fought contest, although once I'd cleared the Nazis away from one bridge it became a little easier.

I was the Allies again in the second game, St Mere Eglise. I won this one with 4 medals to Greg's 3, mainly because of a perfect parachute drop at the start of the game.

I played the Axis troops in Swordbeach and managed to win 6 medals to Greg's 3. Hard to see how the Allies could win that one though! The artillery is just too powerful.

I was the Nazis again for Pointe du Hoc where I got royally creamed 4 medals to 1. I just couldn't get the command cards to make my troops do anything useful! Frustrating!

Finally I plumped for the Allies at Omaha Beach. The same command card problem arose and I was soundly thrashed 6 medals to 1 - Greg played this one well and kept me safely pinned down throughout.

Although I am no longer a huge fan of wargames, and WW2 has never particularly appealed, I thought this was a great game with pleasing, well-balanced mechanics. I had a fantastic afternoon. And there was cake. Did I mention the cake? Thanks Greg!

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