Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saturday 5th may, 2007 (2)

I borrowed a copy of Trans Europa from Beyond Monopoly. It's a game I've played and enjoyed and it is staying firmly on my wishlist! I brought it home as I thought Lisa might enjoy it. She certainly did! She enjoyed having her European geography challenged and she appreciated the simplicity of the game. She tried several strategies; starting centrally, starting towards the edge, starting near her opponent, starting at the opposite side of the board to her opponent. I really admired her pioneering spirit!

We played three games (each of three rounds). I won 2 and Lisa won 1. We surmised that all of the above approaches had pros and cons. I faired better starting centrally, whilst Lisa won her game by starting at one edge. I felt this approach could be risky in the 2-player game as you are reliant on your opponents rail network going near where you need it to.

We really enjoyed this game and agreed we would play it some more.....instead of Carcassonne The Castle for awhile!

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