Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saturday 24th February 2007

Whilst Eleanor had her afternoon nap, I introduced Lisa to my homemade copy of Hive. After getting over her fear of spiders Lisa quickly took to this game. The aim is to surround your opponents Queen Bee by positioning your team of grasshoppers, beetles, soldier ants and, yes, spiders. I won the first two games and Lisa set me up admirably to win the third! Lisa commented how similar this game is to chess; you position pieces to disadvantage your opponent several moves hence. It was a connection I hadn't made, but I see what she means!

We fancied something a bit longer and so we turned our attention to Carcassonne. Our set was recently returned to us and we hadn't both played for months. We decided to play with farmers - in the past we've often left them out.

It was a very close game. The scoring hinged on ownership of a large field with 9 completed cities in it. In the end, after careful positioning and some lucky tiles, we both managed to have 3 meeples in this field. Because of this titanic battle, 3 monasteries went unscored.

In the end Lisa was victorious with 118 points to my 117! We both really enjoyed this and were glad we had played. We decided not to play any other games after this as we were both quite mentally tired!

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