Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday 10th November 2006

After Eleanor had gone to bed, Lisa and I had a game of Carcassonne - The Castle. It was a close game; itwas not clear who had won unitl the final scoring. Lisa won with 102 to Paul's 96. Her tactic of scoring a few points repeatedly and collecting more of the tokens from the early part of the scoring track paid off. She ended up having an 'add 5 to your final score' token, as well as 'score an unfinished road' and 'add 2 to your largest house'. The latter also gave her the largest keep scoring her an additional 7 points. This galls a little as she won by only 6! Oh well....

Today I discovered that in January 2007 there will be another extension to Pitchcars! It will feature 2 straights, 2 flat ended curves (allowing for crossovers) and, most excitingly, 4 half-curves! I am already picturing track layouts in my mind.... However, Lisa insists that when I promised not to buy any more games until 2008 (!) this did include expansion sets. I have tried arguing, repeatedly, that this is not the case but...she gets scary!

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