Friday, November 10, 2006

Tuesday 7th November 2006

Before going to the cinema (to see Terry Gilliam's 'Tideland') Mal and I decided to have a quick go at Pitchcars. Mal had previously enjoyed this and had taken an early lead in our 'lifetime championship type thingy' 5 - 4. My challenged brain struggled to construct the track (as shown) as I kept gettting confused as to which track design I was following! It was harder than it looks to play on. The chicane on the straight was particularly challenging and held us both up repeatedly. We did manage to get one 'action shot'; Mal's car can be seen in the air just above the track. We were both rather proud of this.

In the end Paul won both games, bringing the running total to Paul 6, Mal could still go either way!

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