Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sunday 19th November 2006

Whilst Eleanor napped, and Lisa S, Richard and Baby Emma were swimming, Lisa and I thought we would try the 2-player version of Finstere Flure. Lisa had previously tried this in a group and had not particularly enjoyed it. She found the 2-player version gave her the chance to better understand how the monster moves and how he can be lured towards the opposing pieces.

Paul won the first game by gettting 2 tokens out to Lisa's 1 (5 were eaten though!)

The second game was a draw (although Lisa had the moral victory!) as we each got 2 pieces out.

We played again in the evening and Lisa won easily, getting 3 of her peices to safety whilst Paul managed only 1!

Lisa S and Richard then joined us for 2 games of Diamant.

Lisa S 46, Richard 45, Lisa 0, Paul 0 (our worst game ever!)
Lisa 36, Lisa S 36, Paul 27, Richard 18.

We then moved on to Hey! That's My Fish.
Lisa S 35, Paul 31, Lisa 17, Richard 16.
Paul 40, Lisa S 22, Richard 20, Lisa 16.

Lisa and I then had a final go at Finstere Flure; Lisa won with 2 of her pieces making it to safety whislt Paul managed to rescue just 1.

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