Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday 18th November 2006

After another day of swimming and relaxing at Center Parcs, Lisa and I persuaded Lisa S and Richard to try Hey! That's My Fish. Depsite Lisa S observing that it used 'tictacs' they both really enjoyed this and did far better than Lisa and I (this is one game I am currently finding ridiculously difficult with my current neurological problems). We enjoyed 3 games:

Richard 27, Lisa S 27 (Richard had the most floes), Lisa 22, Paul 22 (Lisa had the most floes).
Lisa 2 28, Richard 27, Paul 22, Lisa 22 (Paul had the most floes).
Lisa 26, Paul 26 (tied for floes!), Lisa S 25, Richard 22.

Lisa S then requested another go at Diamant. The first game got off to a bad start; the first mine was infested with scorpions after two cards were drawn both showing scorpions...mine two caved in with two rock falls before any jewels were found!

Scores recovered after this, although Paul had no jewels until mine 4!

Paul 51, Lisa S 36, Richard 30, Lisa 29.

Game 2 went much more smoothly:
Richard 36, Lisa S 30, Paul 21, Lisa 20.

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