Monday, November 06, 2006

Saturday 4th November 2006

Whilst Eleanor was enjoying her long, afternoon nap Lisa and I enjoyed 2 games of Carcassonne - The Castle. This is firmly our favourite game at the moment. It is still new enough to feel fresh and is perfect for two people; a lot of games are less impressive in their two player form so we are pleased to have one designed just for two! Its also more complex than it first appears. We try different tactical approaches and are still learning how each other thinks. There are a lot of variables and the tiles run out quickly (30 each). I like the way the board offers a definite boundary...although it can start to feel claustraphobic.

The first game was close; Lisa won 102 to Paul's 96. It was not clear until the end who was going to win. Lisa's approach was to try to score small off every tile...if it could contribute to a larger construction then so much the better.

Lisa won the second game easily using this tactic scoring 115 to Paul's 79. In this game Lisa managed to score so that she picked up nearly all the tokens on the score track which gave her a massive advantage. Paul also committed two meeples early on to holding two market stalls each. In retrospect I think it wopuld have been wiser to keep the meeples in play and score more points the same way Lisa did!

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