Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Monday 20th November 2006

Monday night is games night...even if we had only just got home from Center Parcs! Paul was joined by Jack, Greg and Andy. We decided to try Vlanderen 1302; a game only Paul and Andy had played before. It took everyone a while to get into it but then appeared to be enjoyed. The game felt even closer than the final scores indicate:

Greg 46, Jack 42, Andy 36, Paul 34, Neutral 8.

We all fancied something quicker and less mentally challenging next, so we had 2 games of Guillotine.

Paul and Jack drew the first game (17 points), Greg 12, Andy 11.
Greg 23 (quietly collecting palace guards!), Jack 22, Paul 19, Andy 12.

A fun evening once again!

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