Thursday, November 09, 2006

Monday 6th November 2006

Monday was once again games night. I was joined by Jack, Greg and Vin (who arrived after our first two games of Hey! That's My Fish which Lisa played with us).

To be honest I can't really remember much of the evening. However, this is due to my current neurological problems rather than it being a forgettable evening. On the contrary I do remember that I had a really good time and enjoyed myself.

I do remember (sort of) playing Hey! That's My Fish. Lisa won the two games she played (Lisa 29, Paul 28, Greg 21, Jack, 20: Lisa 34, Greg 23, Paul 21 and Jack 18). Despite a poor showing in the first two games Jack confidently won the third (once Lisa left us and was replaced by Vin). Score was Jack 29, Greg 22, Paul and Vin 20 each. Vin and Greg had not played this before but both enjoyed the quickness and elegant simplicity of the game.

We then played Masons. I don't remember this much except that I was behind for much of the game but finished in 2nd place. Sadly, I can't remember how this happened. This is a game I enjoy but I have not yet found a good approach to it. Greg won 147, Paul 137, Jack 133 and Vin 121.

We rounded off the evening with a game of Niagara. Apart from teasing Vin who was weighing his options for .... a lengthy period of time, I don't remember this at all...which is sad as it was only the second time I have played it. Greg won with one jewel of each colour, Paul had 6, Jack and Vin had 4 each.

A fun evening was had by all and we hope to be joined again by Andy and Spencer next week.

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