Friday, November 03, 2006

Thursday 2nd November 2006

Once again, whilst Eleanor snoozed, Lisa and I had 3 quick games of Carcassonne - The Castle. (It was a long snooze!). Despite Lisa obtaining most of the markets in the first game Paul won 92 to 86. In the second game Lisa once again dominated the markets but her pieces were tied up for too much of the game stopping her getting "quick" points. Paul took advantage of this (and having the larger keep) and won 111 to 94. Lisa returned to form in the third game and trounced Paul 93 to 70. This was an interesting game as both keeps were of the same size so no one picked up the 15 available bonus points.

As usual we both enjoyed playing this game. My current cognitive problems only affected my play a little bit (usually stupid tile-placement) and were counteracted by the amount of luck I received!

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