Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friday 9th March 2007

Lisa and I sat down to enjoy 4 hands of canasta. In the first hand I managed to go out quickly. I scored only 915 points but made Lisa have -45. I repeated this in the second hand, scoring 1290 for myself and -120 for Lisa. This put me in the lead, and within sight of victory, with 6545 to Lisa's 4970.

Although Lisa scored the most points in the third hand (1430) I got 1200 which put me over the 7500 victory threshold. This means that I now lead 4 games to 3!

We then played the first hand of a new game. I failed to adjust to the low melding and was whooped; Lisa got 1035 whilst I ended on -65. Oh dear!

We then fancied another game of Carcassonne - The Castle. Lisa won a resounding victory at this with 128 points to my 97. She did really well obtaining most of the tokens and managing to complete several large structures. A good evening.

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