Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday 19th March 2007

Monday night is games night! Lisa and I were joined by Greg and Spencer. To start with we had a quick game of Fluxx. This has really grown on me now that my brain has adjusted to it! Lisa has liked it since she first played. As it was I won this game with death by chocolate - still my favourite goal I think.

We then brought out Hey! That's My Fish! which we haven't played for awhile. I thought I'd done fairly well slicing off an expanse of ice for myself - but I hadn't oticed that I had mainly single fish floes! Oops....

In the end Greg won with 32 fish and Spencer was second with 26. They had something of an epic struggle to control a large ice floe which ended u;p with them sharing it fairly evenly. I managed third with 22 fish and Lisa, who fell fowl of Greg and Spence's penguin-empire-building, managed only 19. Still, we all agreed it had been a good game and that the scores were fairly close.

We all fancied something a little more involved next and Greg suggested Masons. It had been awhile since we had played this so Lisa did a quick rules refresher.... which was really useful. As we played I realised that I would score heavily for joining up the little cities that were starting and creating a large, central city. Everyone was surprised when I did this, as it denied usd all lots of scoring opportunities. But when I managed to score nearly 40 points off the 2 cards I played they realised why it had been a good tactic. It was quite an intense game after this. My lead dwindeled and Lisa overtook me and soon became uncatchable. She later admitted that she kept getting useful cards. I missed scoring rounds twice to enable me to swap my rather useless cards. On one memorable occassion the cards I discarded were replaced by identical ones! Lisa played really well and in the end was the clear winner with 115 points. I managed second, mainly due to my early high scoring, with 109. Spencer was next with 96 and Greg limped in with 79 points - he had had awful cards for most of the game.

As it was only 10pm we decided to have a quick game of Carcassonne. This lasted exactly 28 minutes! Greg and I spent lots of meeples contesting a big field... a contest which i finally won and which gave me the points to win the game with 65 points. Due to scoring nearly all the monasteries Lisa came second with 60 points. Greg lost out on scoring for the big field and this left him in third place with 47. Close behind was Spencer with 44 who didn't really get to place any high scoring farmers or build any monasteries. He did have a magnificent city though! A good game.

Another good evening of fun, frivolous conversation and enjoyable gaming.

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