Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday 17th March, 2007

Lisa, Ellie and I went to stay with Lisa's family for the weekend. In amongst having a lovely, relaxing weekend, we also managed a few games.

On Saturday evening Cara and Valerie joined us to play Fluxx. Initially they found it rather hard going, but opted to give it a second go. It is strangely confusing when you first play. I won the first game by having 5 keepers. Lisa won the second with milk and cookies - her favourite combination!

We decided to play something less mentally taxing. Fortunately we'd taken Diamant with us as this had been popular before. Raymond joined us for this.

The first game was extraordinarily low scoring. Cara won with 17 jewels, Raymond had 16, Valerie 15, Lisa 14 and I managed.... erm.... none.

Things improved a little in the second game with Cara again winning but with 41 jewels this time. Valerie was a fairly close second with 33 and Lisa a slightly distant third with 26. Raymond managed only 13 and I scraped in last with only 12.

In the third game Raymond finished miles ahead with 29 jewels; Lisa second with 12 and Cara and Valerie drew for third place with 4 each. I again managed 0!

The family adjourned to watch TV leaving Lisa and I to have a few 2-player games of Fluxx. Lisa won the first one by having ten cards in her hand. I won the second with the rocket to the moon. Lisa won the third in only 2 goes by having peace (but no war). Lisa won the fourth and final go in just 4 moves with death by chocolate. An impressive display of randomness!

Later on, Ellie joined Cara, Lisa and I for a go at the Shopping List game - Ellie won this by several items....but refused to do her victiry dance!

In the evening Lisa and I had 5 further games of Fluxx; I won 4 of them but Lisa won hers in just 3 moves!

Whilst Lisa persuaded Ellie to go to sleep that evening the rest of us had 2 further games of Diamant. Raymond, Cara and I drew for first place with 30 jewels each; Valeries brought up the rear with 13. Frustratingly I would have won had I stayed in for one more card....

Flushed with his success, Raymond went on to win the second game with 65 jewels. Valerie was next with 56, Car third with 23 and I took my usual place at the rear with just 18.

Still, a lovely day and more games squeezed in than Lisa and I expected!

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