Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday 24th March, 2007

Our friend Helen came to visit us this afternoon. After Ellie had retired for the evening we three grown-ups decided to play some games. Being Lisa's current favourite we introduced Helen to Fluxx. Helen was suitably dumbfounded and befuddled during the first game (although much alcohol had been consumed by this point in the evening!). I won the first game with 5 keepers. Despite her bemusedness Helen was happy to play again .... I won again (money no taxes)....we played again.... Lisa winning with toast.

Lisa decided that Diamant may be a little more fun and less brain-aching. Helen really enjoyed this one, even though both the games we played were relatively low scoring. Lisa won the first one with 48 jewels. Helen came second with a respectable 21 jewels, and I assumed my usual spot, at the back with only 17 jewels

Following on from Lisa's cautious style of play, Helen won the second game with 62 jewels. I was not far behind with 54 and, for a change, Lisa was last with 28.

We decided to round off the evening with a couple of games of Carcassonne - a game Helen had heard us rave about but had not actually seen. We decided to play without farmers to make explaining it a bit simpler (given our alcohol intake!). Lisa won the first game with 71 points due to her usual trick of managing to place most of the monasteries! I came second with 54; most of these points came from a large city I didn't think I was going to finish. Helen managed a very respectable 43 and was keen to play again now that she realised that filling in the gaps to make it look pretty was probably not the best tactical approach to the game!

I managed to win with 79 points although I don't really understand how that happened. Helen did really well (and played quite aggressively) to come second with 74. Lisa suffered most from Helen's style of play as she had several meeples tied up for most of the game on features which Helen made impossible to finish. This hampered Lisa's score to 66.

A lovely afternoon and evening.

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