Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday 12th March 2007

Before Monday Night is Games Night, Lisa and I had 3 hands of canasta. I won the first 2 bringing my total to 1935 to Lisa's 1445. I had a disastrous third hand which Lisa exploited really well. She forced me to finish on -180 (total of 1755) whilst she pulled ahead to 2620.

Spencer, Greg, and Jack then arrived. The five of us had 3 quick games of Fluxx. I had not played this before. My current neurological problems meant that I found this constantly shifting game rather hard. I can't even think how to describe it.... in the end, Lisa (who loved the game) won the first hand by having milk and chocolate (!). Greg won the next 2 with the pyramid and the eye and and then the eye and the brain. Just follow the link... I'm too tired to explain!

Lisa then left us and Vin arrived. We decided to settle down to a game of Caylus. Jack got off to an impressive start but was quickly eclipsed by Vin who built up an untouchable lead. Greg and Spencer were a bit behind and it took me ages to even get off the starting blocks. With all the prevaricating and pondering the evening wore on. Sadly Jack withdrew at 10.30pm as he had to be up early to catch a train the next morning.

The remaining four soldiered on for a few more rounds. We then decided we had all had enough with 3 rounds left to play. Vin was the clear winner with 62 points. Spencer was next with 41, most of them scored by manic castle-building in the final round. Surprisingly I came third with 32 points and Greg brought up the rear on 27. To be fair if we had carried on, Greg would have overtaken me in the next round and I think would have at least caught up with Spencer as he was all set to build a prestige building....

A good evening even if we did all seem a bit tired and jaded.

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