Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday 18th March, 2007

Before heading back home in the evening we managed a few more games with the in-laws.... mostly whilst Ellie had a lengthy afternoon nap!

Valerie and Cara joined Lisa and I for two more games of Fluxx. Valerie won the first one with rocket to the moon and Cara won the second with 10 cards in her hand. We all agreed we liked this game but that it was quite mentally tiring!

Raymond then joined us for 4 games of Diamant - the clear favourite with the family this weekend. My bold tactics paid off in the first game as I won easily with 56 jewels. Second was Valerie with 38. Vara was third with 25, Lisa fourth with 23 and Raymond occupied my usual spot with just 13!

In the second game, Cara had an easy victory with 41 jewels. Lisa and I tied for second with 27, whilst Vlaerie was next with 17 and Raymond got none.

Fortunes were reversed in the third game when Raymond won by miles with 72 jewels. Next was Cara with 45, then Valerie and Paul with 23 and finally Lisa with 22. The game felt closer than it actually was; Raymond got most if his haul ont he first mine when everyone else was overcautious and came out a bit prematurely!

Cara headed off for a nap at this point (she'd had a very early start with her niece!) but the rest of us carried on for a final game. It was low scoring with victory eventually going to me with just 25 jewels. Raymond was second with 22, Lisa third with 18 and Valerie last with 12.

We had to stop at this point as Ellie had woken up.

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