Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saturday 3rd March 2007

With Eleanor sound asleep, and Lisa busy preparing dinner, Maisy and I had a quick game of Diamant. Maisy did really well at this winning by 82 jewels to my 50. I kept staying in a bit too long....

A little later Lisa joined us for a go at the new Disney version of Monopoly. We played for a couple of hours before Maisy got bored. She was declared the winner as she had the most money (hhmmm?).

To be honest it was fun playing with Maisy but the game is flawed. It goes on way too long and the added features just make it longer not more fun....erm..... I think I've ranted about this before! I have.

Once both kids were off to bed Lisa and I brought out Carcassonne and, after last night's adventure, decided to try the Traders & Builders expansion! We really enjoyed this and agreed that it had far more of an impact onthe 2-player game.

It was close all the way through but in the end Lisa just sneaked ahead with 183 points to my 180! Both our builders got tied up early on in the game and so we didn't make as good use of them as we would of liked. I managed to position my pig in a field I controlled to score 44 points at the end (without this I would have suffered an ignoble defeat rather than a TCP-needing one!). Lisa really enjoyed this and said that it makes Carcassonne more like The Castle... I see what she means as it becomes a lot more tactical than normal. She initially did really well finishing cities to obtain resources. She changed tactics a bit later to sneak into the big field; this gave me a chance to get more resources. In the end I got 20 points for them whilst Lisa scored 10. We really enjoyed this expansion and felt it worked really well with the two of us. A great success.

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