Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday 26th March, 2007

Monday night is games night! I was joined by Greg, Spencer and Vin. We decided to have a go at Tigris & Euphrates - a game I bought some months ago but had not yet played due to my neurological problems. Having read through the rules several times I felt up to giving it a go. Spencer had played it once before but didn't remember it that well. Vin and Greg had heard good things but had not played it.

We spent a good 40 mins trying to understand the rules but decided that we'd probably fair better just getting stuck in. I have to say that this is a good, abstract game. There are enough elements to make strategising challenging and, on a first play, it was often impossible to work out what your opponents were trying to do. The game lasted about 2 hours - slowed down I think by quite a lot of rules checking. Vin won in the end having 11 of each colour of victory cubes. Spencer was second, I was third and Greg limped home in last place.

I struggled to score blue points as I drew only 3 blue tiles during the entire game! Vin did very well by being the victorious defender in many battles which he didn't instigate... similarly Greg lost mainly because he was the defeated aggressor in these clashes. Vin did manage his goes well though to maximise his scoring.

In retrospect I got too attached to a kingdom as I failed to realise how fluid the game was. Just as I was starting to have a game plan I realised we were almost out of tiles and would finish in a couple of rounds! Despite this I did really enjoy it and would happily play it again. I did find it mentally fatiguing as I had to take in a lot of new information and apply it to a new context - activities my brain currently finds hard. Still, it was well worth the effort.

The next day I realised that the four of us could have finished the game of Britannia we started a few weeks ago....doh!

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