Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday 26th February 2007

Monday night is games night! But before this.... Lisa and I had a few hands of canasta. I won both hands, scoring 580 in the first and 1565 in the second. This brought my total to 2145 due to my -415 score in the first hand of the game! Lisa scored 480 and then 585, bringing her total to 2230 - so she's still in the lead!

We were then joined by Jack and Lou (again!) and Greg for a game of Guillotine. Lou did really well, winning this with 24 points. Lisa came second with 18, Greg and Paul drew for third with 16 whilst Jack brought up the rear with 14.

Spencer then arrived, so all six of us spent the rest of the evening playing Powergrid with the US map. The game worked well with six and was a close run thing throughout - not neccesarily reflected by the final scores. We were all hampered by the good power stations proving elusive. In the end, Greg won as he could power 14 cities. Jack and Spencer could both power 13, although Jack had the most money. Paul, Lou and Lisa all could power 12, although Paul had the most money, followed by Lisa. As Lou had not played the game before she did really. Even though she was in last place it had been a close game and all of us really enjoyed it and had a pleasant evening.

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