Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wednesday 21st March, 2007

Mal came to spend the evening with us and, after eating a yumy dinner, we sat down to play a few games. To start with we re-introduced him to Carcassonne. We decided to play without farmers to make it a bit quicker and easier to play. Lisa did really well, placing most of the monasteries and finishing a high scoring city. I did atrociously and didn't manage to finsish much at all. Mal faired a bit better and managed to share points with Lisa for a few big scoring features. It was a satisfying game and the final scores felt suitably close. Lisa won with 89, Mal was second with 67 and I brought up the rear with 56.

Lisa and I then introduced Mal to Fluxx. I won the first game with 5 keepers. Mal initially hated this game; he just couldn't grasp it or see how to play strategically. When we reassured him that this was often how people felt after one go, and that it's best not to think strategically, he was happy to try again. He won this time with peace (no war) and was keen to play again. Lisa decided to head for bed at this point, but Mal was keen to play again. He and I had 3 more games with me winning 1 and Mal winning 2. He seemed to really enjoy it once he got his head around it!

Fluxx rounded off a pleasant evening.

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